Panama Hats come in different sizes, in Ecuador we use centimeters and sizes start at 54cm all the way to 64cm.

The most common size for men is 58cm and 57cm for women.

  • XS   54cm  6 3/4
  • S     55cm  6 7/8
  • S     56cm  7
  • M    57cm  7 1/8
  • M    58cm  7 1/4
  • L     59cm  7 3/8
  • L     60cm  7 1/2
  • XL   61cm  7 5/8
  • XL   62cm  7 3/4
  • XXL 63cm  7 7/8
  • XXL 64cm  8

If you do not know which size you are, you must measure your head, the circumference right above your ears. 

Over the time, Panama Hats tent to shrink a bit, it is their nature. The toquilla straw breaths, in an out, every time you use our Panamas. Panama Hats come from the tropics and from the Andes. Humid weather is good for your Panamas. It is highly recommended to let your Panama sit inside your bathroom while taking a hot shower, specially if you live in a place that is hot and dry.