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We love Panama Hats as much as we love our weavers. Panama Hat Line brings you only the best quality hats because we care for our weavers and our weavers care for us, is that simple. We treat them fairly.  We are committed to keep the weavers weaving so this wonderful tradition stays alive, generation after generation.

Customer Review

I received my new fedora Panama hat a week ago and have had a chance to wear it. It fits great and it feels great! Thank you Panama Hat Line for the amazing hat!


These Panamas are the real deal, 100% original. As soon as you wear them, you feel powerful and confident. They make me feel like a million dollars! Thank you so much for the whole experience. I will definitely buy more from you.


I've had a Panama hat before which became my daily hat and it lasted forever... I love these hats. Panama Hat Line caught my eye and decided to give it a try. All I must say is that this has been a great purchase and my new Panama hat is better than the last one I bought elsewhere. The quality of the weave is so much better and finer than my old hat!
I am a happy customer and I totally recommend you buy one of these Panamas, you will love them.

Nigel Booth

This is a top-quality hat. It was delivered quickly. Thank you Panama Hat Line!!


Have had Panama hats for years. Just purchased another in a different style.
The best!!!

Robert J Edon

Because customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

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